Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wow man

This post is so legendary. But I feel like I have normalise it to become an ordinary fairy tale.

They have always been so huge a personality, I feel as if I don't have enough of what it takes. Afterall, I have always known me as me. And it's not everyday you get to be the star. Looking up to the others, thinking how capable and lucky they are and finally being it. I guess reality still hasn't quite sunk in. I still feel very ordinary, very plain.

I doubt this whole thing won't sink in very soon. But I hope it does. So that I can get a feel of how huge my responsibilty actually is.

Here's to being the President of the largest PDP in TJ.

Wish me luck !

P.S. And as much as this whole thing seem to be like a fairy tale, I'm still hoping very hard it will definitely end with a conventional conclusion of Happily Ever After.


Anonymous Urilla said...

People should read this.

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