Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tears on the Face

I guessed as much. This day will come. Have brought disappointment and now have a whole lot of people to face and explain the painful details all over till time washes this away. But I guess this was best for me. Call me selfish, but I just wanted to remember the best. Along this journey, I have been far too absorbed in the lack of faith in recent times that I unknowingly forget the joy it has once brought to me. To leave now would be the best timing. It wouldn't affect the big picture much and I wouldn't have to continue suffering from the weariness. I know there's an ember of passion somewhere within. And sometimes people say, man only treasures something after he has lost it. Maybe it's the case for me now. I want to regain my Passion. Even if it means losing it. At the very least my subtle sadness now tells me that I am a player through and through. Or so I think.

I haven't the least idea what's going through me now.


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