Friday, June 30, 2006

Happiness Is ...

I realised how I was once so happy and easily contented with the things I had. Trivial stuff like my sticker collection was a treasure to me. It seemed so long since I was a child. Things are so different now.

My father still remembers my favourite colour as yellow. Haha. It has been blue for a long time already but he doesn't know. I've quietly grown without seemingly changing much. And I can't bear to let him know the me now, how much I've changed. I don't want him to feel strange to me, although the distance standing between us have grown so much. I don't want to admit that I have become the self-centered and result-driven person.

I've brought too much disappointment. I'm supposed to be the soldier who never loses his composure, remember. But I just couldn't keep it to myself anymore today. The strength broke. My front shattered. It felt good to let it out though. I wanted so much to cry for a long time already, but I somehow just couldn't. At last today it flowed. Although I still kept lots of tears to myself, I feel so much better already.

Funny how things work. I've gotta cry to feel happier.


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